• Barbara L. Ciccarelli, PhD

How To Beat That Deadline

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Although I don’t recommend it, I do have tips for it.


I’m talking about the wait-until-the-last-minute #deadline situation.  Now granted this #pandemic has not made things easy.  Maybe the whole family has been home day after day where as before everyone had their own schedule, and there was always a period of time when you had the apartment to yourself to #study.  But let’s face reality.  There is a deadline and course completion/maybe degree completion is at stake.  So what do you do?  

First, since you waited until the last minute, you might be feeling a great deal of stress and finding it hard to focus.  The best thing to do is find a comfortable spot with pen or pc/mac and brainstorm as much as possible on the topic.  Don’t try to control your thoughts.  Just write. When you have about a page, stop, stand up and shake out your nerves and take a deep breath.  Next, read over your page and see if you can see any connections between the ideas.  Is there a main idea?  Now start a mind map.  Here is a URL with examples.  Mind Maps

The use of the #mindmap will help organize your thoughts and calm your last-minute deadline jitters.  Once you have the mind map, all you have to do is develop your paragraphs and make sure your structure and content meet the requirements of your #assignment.  And, oh yeah, don’t forget #crediblesources and #propercitation style.  If you would like some coaching, contact us asap at academicskillsonline.com.  We can help you with writing and study skills such as time management.

Barbara L. Ciccarelli, PhD

Amsterdam, the Netherlands



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