• Barbara L. Ciccarelli, PhD

Are You Happy with your Job?

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

One thing is clear and that is during a #crisis what is really important rises to the surface. This has been the case throughout my life and has been the case with my face-2-face university. Soon after the pandemic we were told to stay home, and then there was the #transition to #onlinestudies. Information was provided regarding going online and using the tools. More directly, my coordinator kept me informed in periodical #videoconferences. Before carrying out business, we enquired with each other how we were handling the crisis. These video conferences kept me connected to my work life and in fact kept a #connection between #life and #work.

The department went further. We received cards in the mail and #gifts. One gift was an envelope with a #Tony’sChocolonely bar enclosed—Tony’s is a Dutch chocolate company that has the mission to make chocolate 100 percent slave free. A gift with #impact! Another gift, just as precious, was a grow-your-own-tree packet. I have yet to plant the latter but can’t wait to do so. This should all come as no surprise because at #Christmas before the crisis was in full swing, the department gave out gifts, including a nice selection of books.

So, my question is, what makes you sure you are in the right place? For many people it is a good #relationship with #colleagues and especially the #manager. In my case, I am in a hurry to #learnDutch to communicate more with my colleagues. The need to improve this #skill has an impact on team building. What skill do you need to improve? Is it #communications in #speaking or #writing or is it another soft skill such as #empathy, #curiosity, #enthusiasm or #motivation? Whatever it is, identify the needed skill and contemplate how you can grow your #skillset to exceed the requirements for your job.

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