• Barbara L. Ciccarelli, PhD

Adult Learners and the Skills that Keep on Giving

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Have you discovered the importance of #writing in the #workplace?. In fact, it might be one reason you decided to seek out a degree after a sizeable gap period between school and work. If you started the degree, while juggling family and your current #job, you might have experienced a huge fear when encountering the #English or Writing requirement.

So how can you make the most of your academic experience? Some of the most important academic skills to nurture might include #criticalthinking, #academicwriting, academic study, #citation learning, time management, etc. If you are returning to school to deep dive into a subject, then #academicskills will be all the more important whether for critical analysis of texts or for intensive research. If you need a new #skillset for the job you want for #reskilling or #upskilling, then no doubt academic skills will also be handy.

Having an understanding of academic writing can enhance a university’s student’s grades, but it can also have added benefits towards their jobs and careers. . . . [For instance], Academic writing allows one to see the perspectives of different people and form an opinion on it according to the information available. . . . Clarity in writing demonstrates judgment and problem-solving skills, it also demonstrates that one can explain a complex situation in simpler terms.  All of these skills are said to be of great importance in the future of employment. (IUTech 1)

Regardless of the industry requirements for a position, it is good to practice skills, if for nothing else to improve F2F or digital communications. The latter can help you in school as well as in the workplace, especially in a cross-cultural context. Although it might be nice to be surrounded by students of the same age and interests at a school, not everyone has the means to attend an established brick and mortar or online school. In that case, acquiring the skillset you need for a new job through another online option would be ideal. Finally, ask yourself, are you “learning in a way that will allow you to become the person you want to become” (Capano). In that case, a customized approach to your skill needs through an althernative online option would be ideal for getting your #dreamjob. Don’t short change your future; educational and professional development are the things in life that keep on giving.

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