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Upskill to Save the Bees in Amsterdam

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

#Upskilling! Save the #Bees Today. Although we at Academic Skills Online provide coaching for academic, business and job getting skills, we salute all types of upskilling, especially the type that saves the environment. Upskilling officially focuses on providing skills training for employees to improve their current performance without changing their professional role or career path, but I’d like to apply it to working on the skills I believe we all have. I mean those skills for nurturing nature. On Sunday 12 July 2020, a beautiful summer day, my friend and I set out for a long walk in #Amsterdam, moving from our beloved West to the Center. We always try to have a bit of an adventure on our walks with some kind of #mission. This time we wanted to find our way to CJR #Kesbeke, a pickle factory. You might wonder why but we visited the factory a few years back on #Monuments Day, a day when all kinds of shops, commercial and cultural, open up their doors free to the public in Amsterdam. This particular factory gave a delightful free tour of the process involved in bottling their pickles. Not only did we get to watch the bottling, but we even got a few samples and bought a few jars.

We left this area and moved towards #Westerpark. At the entrance was a marvelous Weeping Willow tree, and the greenery in general was stunning. Not too far into the park, we noticed a sign that said #BeesPalace or #BijenPaleis in Dutch. With further investigation, we discovered a whole new side of Amsterdam. A sign said WellBeeing.Org, and we could see #Beehotels along with numerous bees buzzing around the colorful flowers. We immediately thought of my old college friend, Elizabeth Pearson Soares, who just started the Weston Plant Pollinator Alliance in Weston, Massachusetts, the United States. The Alliance is worried about troubling rates of decline in wild #pollinator species and the loss of native #biodiversity throughout #Massachusetts, and globally. My friend and I thought we had to share this with her and all our other friends. When I got home, I checked the website for WellBeeing.org and found that everyone can get involved, either by donating and supporting a bee colony or by taking a class with English instruction to upskill for a noble cause. Here is some of the information or you can go right to the website.

Adopt a Bee(colony) with WellBeeing.org

"The bees need help and we make helping them our job! There are a number of things you can (easily) do to help the bees. But not everybody has the possibility to become a natural beekeeper, place a natural hive, sow patches of soil with bee-friendly flowers for the bees and do the maintenance, or to find the most suited places to make nesting spaces for solitary bees. We love to do this, have trained and experienced #beekeepers that are good at it, know what’s best to sow and how to make efficient #nestingspaces. But we need your (financial) support to be able to do this. So you can adopt: Bees that we will provide with a natural home, for you. They also have instruction courses in English."

So if you are looking for a nice walk, check out the bees at Westerpark and consider a donation or better yet, try some good-feeling upskilling to make a better place for all of us.

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