Mixed Skills

Combine a course with both Business and Academic Skills

Are you an Adult Learner juggling responsibilities of life, school and work?  Research has shown that adult learners are selective in what they learn, are self-directed, that is they take responsibility for their own learning, possibly have school anxiety from a hiatus, they have established knowledge and beliefs and like these to be integrated into their new learning, they like learning that has obvious application to real problems in their lives (Ryerson University).  


We at The Way Learning Works acknowledge the characteristics of the average adult learner and try to maximize the learning experience by being approachable, available and flexible.  In addition, we respect that adult learners bring a great deal of experience and knowledge to the table, and we see this as the jumping off point for further learning.  As a facilitator rather than a lecturer, we propose to collaborate with the adult learner about the learning needs as well as about the learning objectives.  The course plan will be a collaboration.  The goal of the facilitator is to provide autonomy and independence in the learning process and to empower the learner to seek knowledge for him or herself.  

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