for kids

ages 5-11
fun and games
watch and listen
read and write
speak and repeat
join tiger, monkey, elephant and giraffe for a fun lesson
ages 12 to 17
study skills
sentence structure
word games
and more

What is our method?  Let’s start with the goodies.  A lot of encouragement and praise so kids have positive reinforcement and are more motivated.  A lot of enthusiasm for learning along with repetition so kids pick English up quick.  Endless patience for different learning styles.  Don’t worry if your child has a beginners level.  We use a lot of pictures.  The best method is a routine of short and frequent lessons (45 minutes) at the same time every day because children are more confident and comfortable when they know what to expect.  We can double this as the child improves or gets older.  Don’t worry about your child becoming distracted.  We vary the exercises often.  Finally, we smile and try to engage the child as much as possible (with props like puppets for the younger kids), with stories, and with games for all children regardless of age such as word games, action games, games with flashcards.

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