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If you don't know what a thesis is or don't know how to construct a topic sentence you are in the right place.  we'll take you through the steps to a well-formed paper, essay, thesis, dissertation.  Items covered could include:
Thesis main idea help
Topic sentence help
Paragraph structure
Sentence structure
Citation format
Research integration
And more . . .
Published Sample Essay | Ciccarelli publication | sample publication

Essay writing involves transferable skills that serve you well way beyond your degree:  reading and note taking, critical thinking and analysis, structuring ideas, making an argument with evidence, reflecting on the audience


The process of investigating research is a discovery process through previously unknown territories.  The next step of sifting through and then consolidating this information is a skill that will aid in many other aspects of life.  The warnings against plagiarism build integrity and encourage taking responsibility for the writing.  The ultimate goal then is to transform information into knowledge, and this is done primarily through the crafted argument.  

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